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Digital Strategy Advisory

Digital technology strategy & transformation advisory

Development and implementation of a clear and winning Pan African digital strategy

Gave the business a digital marketing direction, specific target audience, eventually giving the business the desired return on investment ROI, consequently taking the brand to the next level.

  • Design, development and implementation of a digital transformation strategy

    Implemented in a Pan African business process outsourcing and Human Resource company.

Training over 1000 insurance sales agents on how to sell online using digital tools and channels

The digital selling master class has enabled insurance sales agents sell digitally during the Covid-19 pandemic, consequently making money for themselves / families and revenue for their organizations.

  • Online 8 module class in collaboration with Citadel Consulting

    Trained agents from various insurance companies in Kenya

Supporting SME’s with their technology needs

Assisting SMS’s in different industries with their technology issues ensuring their business are tech savvy, run efficiently and implement affordable technology solutions.

  • Technology advisory consulting for SME’s

    Implemented in various companies in Kenya