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The entertainment industry has shown vast improvements with the rise of technology.Luckily, this is great news for both the consumer and producers of the content. The sheer scope of entertainment that technology brings to your fingertips is much wider than at anytime before in history. This means that you never have to be bored or short of something to do

The music industry has witnessed huge changes. Now, you can stream music via online services like Spotify and listen to them via wireless speakers you can carry around in your pocket or on your mobile phone. This is major shift considering years back people used to sit in front of their home stereo listening to a CD or tape of their favourite band they had physically purchased from a local music shop. TV streaming services like Netflix have also made great inroads in recent years to change not only how TV can be watched but also the consumer habits. The advent of satellite tv has also made it easy and enjoyable given the variety of channels to choose from.

Advancements in technology have seen music and movie production be a booming sector with quality productions Most production teams now make extensive use of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) and other effects when making a movie. This allows for music and films that would have been difficult or near impossible in the past to be made and enjoyed by a wide audience.

The entertainment industry has been largely driven by increasing technology and higher internet usage over the last decade. Digital media has been used to improve content delivery in order to entertain people. Social media on the other side has created a platform where individuals or businesses can share their thoughts, pictures, videos, and audio content. This has provided more opportunity to showcase individuals’ ability and talent compared to before.

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