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Change will always encounter resistance. However, as an employee with the desire to advance their career it is imperative for one to be flexible and accept the changes and trends that come with technology. Technology plays a very important role in boosting one’s career by enhancing efficiency. Through technology employees can create and build their online profile in their social media e.g LinkedIn through which they can showcase their expertise and skills. Moreover, they get accorded an opportunity to expand their field of interest, interact with other employers and fellow employees which in turn may lead them into expanding their areas of interest, and even stretch their goals.

Just as an employee is seeking to advance their career and make work easier in their places of work so is the employer. As a CEO of an organization, one can use a Scheduling App for appointments when trying to coordinate internal meetings with the organizations’ employees and clients. Unlike calendars, Scheduling app will require one to set up their availability and simply let the other party select when they would like to meet. This eliminate a lot of back and forth and discussion on when to set the appointment, hence saving on time.

Technology also improves connectivity which makes communication fast and easier to individual. In the contemporary set up, one can easily get to know new job adverts and even apply for them without necessarily taking a hard copy document to the employer. In addition, with the outbreak of Corona Virus-2019(Covid19)a majority of companies have resorted to working from home. This would be a challenge to employees not embracing technological advancements as they may not be able to connect to the zoom meetings which have since become the new norm. Moreover, job applications are currently being done online with virtual interviews being a fixture in the society.

It is therefore paramount for individuals to learn more when it comes to new technological devices, software and applications to advance their careers. Individuals wanting to advance their careers need embrace and learn technology, find a niche to position themselves wisely so as to facilitate their ability to work with the technology.


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