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Each organization needs cash flow for it to operate seamlessly consequently need for an effective debt collection process. With technological advancements, debt collection has been made easy since different type of expertise can be used in debt collection thus making the process a lot easier and less time consuming.

Currently offered by ARI Limited is SMS debt collection, a system that enables companies increase debt collection by reminding customers in arrears to make payment via SMS and also providing a payment option in the SMS from which the customer can pay and clear their debt via M-Pesa or Card. With the SMS Debt Collection solution, companies are able to continuously remind customers to pay their arrears. Enable instant customer payment via M-Pesa and Card directly from the SMS. This in turn Increase account receivables.

Automation process can also be used in debt collection. For instance, the use of automatic scoring that makes it easy for debt collection team and agencies to see which consumer should be contacted first. The tool quickly evaluates the probability of default, which gives insights on which consumers the debt collection agency should keep an eye on.

Also aiding in debt collection is mobile phone technology. With mobile phones, debt collectors are able to communicate with the debtors and keep track of their locations. They can contact them quicker and often. Furthermore, payment apps have made it easier to collect debts. Debtors can easily pay through the payment app on their smartphone, which is faster and less susceptible to fraud.

It is important for organizations to incorporate technology in their debt collection activities. This not only saves on time but also increases account receivables as seen with SMS debt collection. With the increasing need for financial aid from online lending services so has the need to ensure accurate and sustained sharing of information between the debtor and the lender, ARI Limited is striving to ensure this as part of her services offered.

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