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For any business to realize success, customer service is vital. The quality of a service will either enhance or degrade customer loyalty to company’s brand and business ventures. This has been brought about by availability of alternatives thus a business that proves to be responsive to customer questions, complaints, or other needs have an upper hand.

In ensuring faster transactions and time saving to its customers ARI Limited offers P.I.T Stop (Payment Integration and Tracking) which is a solution that integrates customers M-Pesa and card payments to ERP’s i.e. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sage and iVend P.O.S. With P.I.T Stop ERP’s are able to match customer M-Pesa and Card payments to products and services, realize real-time revenue as well as processes customers ’ M-Pesa payments quicker, from 20 minutes to 2 seconds. This helps in saving time used to process transactions and the hustle involved in carrying out online payments by customers.

Through utilization of technology, communication with customers has been made easier. There are various organizational channels which customers can reach out to the organization. Organizations’ website can be created in a manner that gives customers an opportunity to answer their own questions or seek answers from others. E-mails can also be used to improve customer service to quickly respond to certain needs or help requests. Organizations’ social media platforms; every company need to have social media platforms which customers can reach out to them and they can also share their products and services via these platforms to their customers. In finding out whether customers are satisfied with their products organizations can carry out customer surveys using google forms which provides instant feedback on customers’ needs and wants. Data collected from customer can then be analyzed and their preferences established and acted upon swiftly.

Self-service optimization is a technology in customer service where customers are given a chance to make a choice. Customers have the option to choose how they interact with businesses. As a result, technology enables companies to give their customers different options for engagement. For instance, Software and hardware companies can provide customers with troubleshooting steps so they can easily rectify simple issues. Organizations can also offer FAQ on their website which is a simple way to give customers a choice. Here, they can read the answers to their questions to decide if they want to engage further with the company.

Therefore, it is imperative for each and every organization to have a good relationship with is customers so as to maintain customer loyalty which may lead to referrals hence more profit for the organization

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