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Software Engineering

Design and develop custom software specific to your needs

Giving customers and suppliers access to their accounts online

Improves service delivery, reduces branch visits, automates transactions processing hence reducing data capture and entry for staff and enables straight through processing.

  • Custom Customers Online Portal Design, Development, Support and Maintenance

    Implemented in various Insurance Companies in Kenya

Giving a voice to over 100,000 patients in East Africa

The system gives management insights to customer’s experiences, complaints and service delivery across all their facilities across the country

  • Custom SMS & USSD powered CRM Design and development, Support and Maintenance

    Implemented for a Medical Service Provider in Kenya and Uganda

Increased revenue collection by improving debt collection and customer debt reminder

Saves time for the customer service department. Automated payment removed tedious debt reconciliation for the finance and accounting departments allowing them to focus on other tasks

  • Custom SMS and Web powered debt collection system design, development, support and maintenance

    Implemented in an auto company in Kenya