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Food security, encompasses different dimensions: food availability, food access, utilisation and stability. With the ever-ballooning world population coupled by climate change and violent conflict in some parts, has seen most of the world population endure hunger. This has led to a majority of world nation opting for food technology to ensure food security in the near future. With the use of technology pastoralists’ and farmers are able to access information on market demands and as such adjust their herd sizes, farming activities to changing environmental conditions hence ensuring continuos supply of food.

Important to note is reverting to old methods of crop production, however, having adequate data and connectivity to sustain the process is in totality. Having big data and analytics can lower transaction costs and mitigate risk for farmers. With data analysis farmers are in a position to tell weather patterns and see timings to plough different crops hence ensuring food security throughout the year. Connectivity also improves the functioning of markets by allowing farmers and herders to access the verified price information, coordinate transport and other logistics, and facilitate easier exchange of perishable foods such as animal products and vegetables.

Use of gene editing for seed improvements can also be used to produce more crops. This is done by eliminating crop traits that produce low yields and at the same time making it resistant to diseases commonly affecting them. At the same time alternative proteins such as the lab-grown meat can be introduced to help improve food security as well as reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions which have had an unprecedented effect on the global climate and resource us

Climate change and other causes of shortages such as wars and natural phenomenon will continue to negatively impact food security and aggravate the issue in already vulnerable areas. It is imperative that governments and organisations work together and incorporate technology to find solutions to creating a sustainable food system.

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