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What is your web design or software development horror story

Back in 2009 I was a fresh computer science graduate ready to take on the world. At the same time, my Mom had conceptualized a market place similar to Mocality, some of you might remember Mocality a business listing platform similar to yellow pages, a brilliant idea way ahead of its time. She got a web design company to design and develop the system for Kes: 200,000 that was a lot of money for an online solution back then, but she believed in her idea and was willing to stake her savings on it, see she had just been laid off, this was going to be her big break.

Allow me to segue from that story, if you have lost your job during this pandemic, looking at what my family went through during that period, we thought that was the end of us, my 2 siblings and I were all in private colleges but somehow my mom managed to educate us and keep the lights on. It’s not the end of the tunnel for you, there is a better today, you may not see it, but don’t give up.

Now where were we, yes Kes 200,000 for the online marketplace, unfortunately the company she hired was a quack, they delivered the most useless website I’ve ever seen to date, wiping my mom’s golden parachute and plunging us into debt, any efforts to recover the money or get them to build a better platform bore no fruits and eventually the CEO just stopped picking her calls.

That was a big blow for me because even with my computer science degree I could not salvage the system, and had no experience in designing or developing working technology solutions, totally useless with my degree. What was tough to process was knowing what failure meant for the family and there was nothing I could do. Eventually the whole idea died and we all moved on to other things.

That is my horror story and it has been my guiding light and principle. In business your word is your bond and you must deliver, because the money you take for the services you offer could be a family’s lifeline, someone’s last hope and dream, a child’s schools fees, their bread and butter and definitely their future.

What is your web design or software development horror story? Post it in the comments section for us to learn from it for a better today. #ItIsWhatItIs

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