We are a collaborative, committed, fearless and efficient team that seeks to drive efficiency using technology.


Founded in 2012, ARI Limited continues to grow as a customer first organization committed to the highest level of professionalism, powered by an amazing community of customers, business partners, and friends, without whom we wouldn’t have made it this far.


We value, our word which is our bond, delivering workable solutions, seeking the wisdom of TEN rather than the knowledge of ONE and we only do NOMA stuff.




Reducing customers incoming M-Pesa payments processing from 20 minutes to 2 seconds in SAP & iVend.


Custom Software Development – FMCG & Auto Clients

P.I.T Stop Video

Team ARI has designed and developed an innovative solution called P.I.T Stop (Payment Integration and Tracking) that integrates customers M-Pesa payments to SAP and iVend.


With P.I.T Stop ERP and POS systems processes customers M-Pesa payments 600 times faster, from 20 minutes to 2 seconds. Your company will be able to realize revenue and match customer payments to products real time.


Collectively P.I.T Stop has successfully processed over 1 Billion Kenya shillings in transactions and counting.


Streamline your petty cash & disbursements process using a mobile app.


Mobile App – Corporate Client

ARI Snap Payments App enables companies keep track of employees spending, petty cash and disbursements by facilitating payments and capturing receipts in real time.


The app automatically post all payment directly into your ERP system, eliminating the cumbersome work of posting expenses in ledgers thus minimizing errors and fraud cases.


Through the app, managers are able to approve employee’s requests with the touch of a button, ensuring accountability and efficiency when dealing with petty cash and other forms of disbursements.

ARI Snap Payments App Video


Improving Customer and Suppliers Engagement through an online portal.


Custom software Development – Insurance Company

Through the customer and supplier management portal, Team ARI has successfully improved customers’ and suppliers’ engagement for a leading insurance company, and several other organizations. By deploying the online portal, these organizations have managed to bring real-time services closer to customers and suppliers.


Our customers have reduced walk-in clients in their branches by over 60% after deploying the online portal, since clients quickly access services and perform business related processes at the comfort of their homes and offices making them very happy.


The portal is able to optimize operations and reduce cost thereby putting you above your competition.


Giving a voice to over 100,000 patients in East Africa through an SMS & USSD powered CRM.


Custom software Development – Medical Service Provider

We are working with medical service providers in East Africa to give a voice to their patients through an interactive SMS and USSD powered Customer relationship management solution (CRM). Patients are able to give feedback through SMS and USSD giving medical service providers an opportunity to understand the needs of their patients.


The CRM ensures that management makes informed decisions on how each area of a facility works based on customer feedback and reviews, intuitive real-time system s generated reports.


Through this data driven strategy, we hope to improve the quality of care given in our medical facilities by encouraging meaningful conversations between patients, doctors and management, ensuring transparency and accountability across all levels.

Our Clients


We love to drive efficiency using technology for our diversified pool of clients whom we service and grow.