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Welcome to The Referral Partner Program

Join – Refer – Earn

Hi I'm Ndiang'ui Kinyagia

Welcome to The ARI Referral Partner Program.

ARI helps companies drive efficiency using technology.

Do you personally know the owner or a decision maker of a company that would benefit from a digital technology solution?

Why not turn your business or personal connections into income opportunities?

With our Referral Partner Program, you now can refer businesses to a leading digital technology solution company that saves them money while you earn up to 5% of the net value of closed business referred.

Why Join The Partner Referral Program?

It’s a pretty simple answer

  • Create a new income stream for yourself.

  • Referred companies gain value by driving efficiency using technology.

What's in it for You?

  • Highest referral payout and bonus

    One of the highest referral payout and bonus in Kenya at 5% of the net value of closed business. In addition, there is a special bonus for each large volume account.

  • Easy to participate. Free to join.

    Simply join our program and start referring businesses. We close deals and you get paid. No need to learn industry specific knowledge, no sales negotiation involved, and absolutely no cost to you.

  • Partner with an Award-winning Company

    ARI is a leading digital technology service provider, serving over 100 businesses nationwide since 2012. You are assured that all your referrals are taken care of by a 9 year strong, reputable, and award-winning company.

How it works:

  • 1. Sign Up as a referral partner below.

  • 2. Schedule your online training and agreement signing session with our MD.

  • 3. Refer business to ARI.

  • 4. ARI prospects, close deals and gets paid.

  • 5. You get paid.

What Can You Expect

As Our Referral Partner, You Can Expect:

1. Simple, transparent, and generous payment + bonus plans.

2. Prompt payments.

3. Dedicated Program Manager.

4. Your referrals’ satisfaction guaranteed.

Your Referrals Enjoy the Following

1. Some of the most competitive digital technology solutions rates.

2. Trusted digital technology company with experience and integrity.

3. Seasoned software engineers and dedicated support.

4. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is The ARI Referral Partner Program?

The ARI Referral Partner Program is a group of professional partners who help get the word out about ARI’s digital technology solutions, and together we change lives.

This program is different from an affiliate program because we take a strong stand on integrity, transparency, and work extremely hard to protect your brand and ARI’s.

ARI’s Partners understand that in today’s competitive landscape, a sales system is essential to building a profitable and sustainable business.

ARI’s partners promote our services because they know that we have results and an outcome-driven system. Their driver is to drive efficiency using technology. In return, they receive payment on all sales they refer to ARI.

What are the programs core values and principles?

The program is founded on Integrity, trust and transparency. ARI’s MD and the team have built their entire reputation on these three values and look for these in all our partners.

The Partner Program is perfect for individuals and businesses who work or network with business owners and decision makers, who are looking for help in digital technology solutions, implementation, design and development, consequently driving efficiency using technology.

Corruption and Kickbacks

We can’t ignore that corruption is a problem in both government and private sector with some transactions being facilitated by bribes and kickbacks.

ARI is clear and resolved that it’s unacceptable to engage in this practice, because it’s not only unethical but pushes Kenya deeper into this dark pit, robbing current and future generations the pride of being Kenyan and valuable resources that could have otherwise been used to solve problems facing this great republic of the 254. We choose to be different and work with like-minded individuals.

Based on the referral, partners may divulge that they are part of The ARI Partner network and might receive financial compensation when they reefer ARI, this is to ensure transparency and accountability.

How much do I earn and when do I get paid?

You earn 5% of the net value of closed business i.e. Cost exclusive of VAT.

You get paid once ARI has been paid by the client. In the ICT industry payment in normally split into milestones / instalments, however you get paid in full when ARI receives the 1st milestone / instalment payment from the client.

Do I have targets as a referral partner?

No you do not have targets as a referral partner. A partner is an individual looking to help ARI and business come together to grow both businesses creating a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario for the 3 parties, hence no need to have targets since you are not a sales person.

Partnership Types

At ARI we understand that partnerships are for the long-term. We’ve created two partner paths for you to choose from:

  1. Referral partner
  2. Channel partner.

Who is a referral partner?

This is an individual looking to create a new income stream by referring ARI to business owners and decision makers of companies who would benefit from ARI’s digital technology solutions by driving efficiency using technology.

Who is a channel partner?

This is a business that would like to leverage on ARI’s digital technology solutions for their clients while avoiding the cost of building the solution themselves. By partnering with ARI their clients get the best of both worlds with the company focusing on what they do best, while leveraging on ARI’s capacity, experience and seasoned team.

Admission to the program

With the limited referral partner slots available ARI reserves the right to admit and remove partners into and from the program.

Can I give my earnings to charity?

Yes we can donate directly to a charity you nominate. If you have no charity, we have a children’s home in mind that we can donate directly to.

What You Can Do NOW

Register for The Referral Partner Program Below