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New Decade, New Mindset, New Start

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and your year has started off great.

A new year brings with it business and career goals, objectives and resolutions. You can rest assured that team ARI is here to make your technology dreams come true, with continued support and dedication.

Our biggest goal for 2020 is for us to work together with you to ensure we achieve what we have set out to do for this decade.

As ARI we have audacious goals and are ready to work with you to ensure we all start strong. Together we will create, maintain and advance momentum.

If you are asking yourself how we will achieve said momentum, ARI plans to:

  • Integrate M-Pesa payments to your ERP and accounting software. This will ensure you realize revenue near real time.
  • Imprest automation app i.e. Disbursements, petty cash, travel expenses, per diem and vouchers. Which include payment tracking and accountability.
  • Design a customer, supplier and agent self-service portal. Powered by an online system, mobile app, SMS or USSD. The portal brings you closer to your customers, suppliers and agents.

Do you not have a working plan of what all this is but you would like to integrate current technology into your business? In 2019, I was interviewed on TV 47 in matters technology and software development. Therein, there are a few answers to the burning questions you may have.

Click on this link to see the full interview.

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