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Ways in which Technology Enhance Food Security.

Food security, encompasses different dimensions: food availability, food access, utilisation and stability. With the ever-ballooning world population coupled by climate change and violent conflict in some parts, has seen most of the world population endure…

ByHilda Malowa

October 21, 2020

Blockchain Technology in Kenya

Often confused with crypto bitcoin, blockchain technology is described as a decentralized digital ledger that is kept in public domain but in encrypted records of peer-to-peer transactions. The technology aids in storage of records across…

ByHilda Malowa

September 8, 2020

Budgeting and Managing Finances using Technology

Technology has made work easier for different sectors of the economy. During budgeting for an organizations or a personal establishment, one can incorporate technology through automation. This involves building technological systems that synchronizes with their…

ByHilda Malowa

September 1, 2020