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At the mention of technology being used in education sector the first impression is that of students and teachers using computers, laptops and tablets in conducting research and personal studies.

Education technology is not just about using computers and other electronic gadgets in learning, it involves the use of technology to facilitate learning in elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, corporate training and even independent study at home.

Technology is rapidly stumping its significance and relevance in the education field, mainly because the more the technological advances, the more benefits it provides for students in different level of education. For instance, there are students who are visual learners, thus projection of screens connected to computers could be installed in classrooms to let the students see their notes as opposed to simply sitting down and listening to the instructor.

For students in institutions of higher learning, technology is often used to carry out research on different topics touching on their projects, term papers and thesis. This is through the use of internet which has made research easier since all they need is to register themselves with a particular site of interest to get the information they feel relevant to them. An example of such include SAGE.

Furthermore, technology has enabled students to continue with school and learn remotely. Popularly referred to as e-learning which involves learning through use of electronic equipment to access educational curriculum outside the traditional classroom setting. In the recent days the popularity and use of various e-learning platforms have increased following the Corona Virus-2019 pandemic which saw schools all over the world closed indefinitely and those wanting to continue with school moving to their various institutions e-learning platforms.

Nevertheless, the use of technology to advance education important thus all schools are encouraged to incorporate technology in their education curriculum. For the educators it is time they become conversant with the new technological trends g that can be used in schools. Moreover, schools and governments should make available Software that can be used to supplement class curriculum

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